The lifeblood of your organisation is your employees. What, then, is the value you place in your employees? You might be under the assumption that given the detailed plan in your organisation and the solid processes that are in place, your employees are satisfied and highly engaged. However, in most cases this is not generally seen. What is the right way to build employee loyalty?

In a typical scenario, an employer does just the bare minimum to ensure that his employees do not quit; he offers basic training which he believes is enough; he offers the basic benefits and provides bare minimum positive reinforcement or sometimes none at all.

Given the fact that getting the right employee or replacing good employees is extremely high, and the fact that there is a great turnaround in almost every industry, organisations who efficiently handle the employee engagement procedure can turn the circumstances around, making these weaknesses a solid strength. As a business owner or a leader, it is imperative that you understand the reason your people are emotionally attached to your organisation — and in most cases it is much more than the remuneration, benefits, or workshops that you provide. Recent research in human resources have revealed that emotionally affiliated employees are considered to be the right kind of employees since they are not only constructive and engrossed, but they also feel supported and acknowledged.

Use these exciting tips with your teams and witness an instantaneous boost in your employee efficiency, retention, and loyalty:

Active Employees Are Highly Productive

An active employee is an individual who is earnest about his/her work. Boosting employee activity makes a direct impact on quantifiable business effects. Encourage your employees in such a manner that they become dedicated to success, emotionally affiliated and socially involved with your organisation. Such employees are not only highly efficient at work but demonstrate productive and favourable behaviour thus motivating others and promoting the business to clients and customers.

Active Employees are a Joy to Behold

Dedicated and participating employees lend a competitive advantage to an organisation. An engrossed employee is unlikely to quit, contributing to significant cost reduction for your business with regards to re-hiring and training new employees. Engrossed employees exhibit enhanced productivity as distinct persons and within teams. In addition, being engrossed also boosts the stability in team execution from daily and monthly performances. More importantly, an engrossed employee empowers a “skill-fluidity,” – the capacity to accommodate aptitude to altering business demands – that advances an organisation’s resilience to grow and take advantage in new business situations.

Handle Employee Activity and Participation

It is important that you improve the engagement of your employees by aligning the objectives of your organisation with the goals and objectives of the employee. Associate traditional benefits such as commissions, compensations, and rewards etc. with employee motivation and also add in emotional advantages such as recognising the best glory, building personal growth, acknowledging performances and accomplishments.

Drive Engagement and Watch Loyalty Grow

How can you increase employee engagement and built the loyalty of your employees? It is important to realise what drives employee activity and participation. You will need to know why your employees are emotionally affiliated with you. According to research, four fundamental factors of motivation are crucial to discerning why employees are emotionally affiliated to an organisation. They are: being of service, feeling capable and enriched, feeling approved, and feeling valued.

Get these action points in motion and increase the loyalty and engagement of your employees, as you get to understanding them better.