From the Founders

Anil & Deepa Thomas

In our own Professional Careers we realised that people are going through immense struggles professionally and personally, not because they lack talent but because of their ‘Psychology’.  And what they need is not an advice or information overload but an opportunity ‘to reflect ‘, ‘gain Clarity’ & ‘get inspired to change’.  The Company organised Training programs very often lack engagement and end up being predictable and boring. There is  a huge gap between ‘expectation’ and ‘experience’.

Seeing this huge need, in 2007 we both quit our active professional Careers, and started Mustardseed Training, with the Purpose to design and deliver fresh, innovative learning formats for Corporate Professionals that help them to bring out the best in themselves and their people, create great places to work, and deliver bottom-line results for their organizations. Now we also work for Entrepreneurs and Business owners to help them see and seize the opportunities in this VUCA world.

We are a decade young firm now. What inspires us and keeps us going is the fact that every day through our workshops, Coaching  and online content, someone, somewhere is making a ‘tiny decision’ to Change.  The  decision may look small, but just like the  mustard seed which grows up to become the tallest of bushes, these decisions  have the capacity to grow up to become truly ‘Life Changing’.

MustardSeed Story