Mastermind program is designed to help you to understand the critical factors impacting your Business Success. You will be able to discover where you are in your Business right now and create a roadmap to reach where you want to be. The course will help you to think deeper about your Business Strategy and your Personal Psychology and provide you tools and techniques to grow your Business and profits to the next level.


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5 Core Elements of Business Success

Developing the Psychology of achievement & fulfillment

Your Business Success Comes from the power of your skills, but it is your psychology that empowers you to manage your state and use your skills. 80% of the time the Psychology of the leader is a major obstacle for Business Growth. Hence it is important to refine your personal psychology to change not only your own life but lives of those around you. Learn how to develop the right psychology for ultimate succes

Thriving in Change

Disruptive Change is here to stay. Only those Businesses that have the strategy to capitalize on this change will survive. Learn the proven process of thriving in change and get introduced to the radical and path breaking approach to strategic innovation.

Optimizing your resources

Resources are limited. The key is to develop resourcefulness to fully leverage your resources be it time or money. Learn the tools to enhance your personal productivity. Create a bold vision for what success and fulfillment means to you in areas of health, wealth, relationships & Social Impact.

Strategic Marketing

You can develop a strong Marketing position if you learn how to consistently add value to your customers, more than anyone else in the Industry. Learn the marketing Paradigms and marketing mindsets and dominate the marketplace.

Accelerating Sales

Mastering Sales can bring about a major shift in the way you gain and retain customers. Learn and apply one of the most powerful Sales processes for outstanding Results.

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As Business Owners sometimes we tend to get too busy with our routine. I realized how valuable it is for me to invest time in these kinds of programs. Anil challenged us with new thoughts and ideas. The training style was very interactive and engaging.

 Parth Sharad Gadre

Parth Sharad Gadre

Gadre Tea Company

Before the program I wondered whether MasterMind would be relevant for me and my business. But as the course progressed I was able to gain a renewed perspective on the critical aspects of managing change, Innovation, Strategy, Sales & Marketing. I must say that the results far surpass the investment.

 Anirudh Mohta

Anirudh Mohta


Joining Udaan was one of the best decisions. The content was brilliant. It not only covers important aspects of Business but also how we could lead a better life. And that’s why I feel that every young Entrepreneur must attend this program.

 Sakshi Jadhav

Sakshi Jadhav

Vishwakarma Founders


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