We are living in VUCA times and disruption is everywhere. This chaos is only going to grow in the next two to three years and there will be a lot of churn in the Business Scape of India and the world. This churn will make a lot of jobs and functions irrelevant.

Here I share two reasons why your job could be in the line of fire in these VUCA times:

  1. You have failed to ask the question, ‘how much value am I adding because of my role’?
    Your relevance in the system is directly proportional to how much value you are able to deliver. The millennial population that has joined the work force seems to have adjusted better to the changing demands and expectations of the marketplace than those who are 40+. The millennials are able to use technology to deliver far more value with much less. This is a threat especially to those who are currently operating in the middle level and above and drawing much higher packages. As Organisations are looking at optimizing productivity and costs, the one key question is on ROI, mainly how much value is each job role adding to my profitability vis-a- vis the investment. And if the answer is ‘not much’ or ‘very little’ then the role itself is going to be a question mark.. The antidote here is to accelerate the rate at which you keep adding new skills to remain relevant and valuable to your organisation.
  2. You have become too self-centered
    There is a difference in acting out of self centeredness and acting out of self interest. When you take a job that will help you to learn new skills and grow then it’s a step taken in the direction of fulfilling your self interest. But when you take a job or a role just because the package is going to get revised by 25 or 30 percent upwards ; without giving much thought to how much of value it will add to your own self or your Organisation, then you are acting out of self-centeredness. One common comment I get to hear when people look for a change is ‘Will I get a 25-30% raise in package? Well that can’t be the first and the foremost thing to decide your focus and priorities.

Think about it, many of us today have become a victim to the spirit of entitlement. Somehow there is a feeling that ‘I am entitled to a particular set of rewards and benefits’. And this spirit of entitlement comes out of years of conditioning where we keep trying to improve our lifestyle by spending most or almost all of our income in living the lifestyle we think we deserve. So there are big EMIs, club membership fees, entertaining, eating out and all this in turn builds up the pressure on you to make wrong choices that jeopardize your future.

As the world keeps changing at a mind boggling speed, it can either fill us with fear or it can fill us with hope. In other words you can either be apprehensive of the future that is to come or you can prepare yourself to such an extent that you have a keen sense to anticipate the future.