Anil Thomas – Conquer Your Fears 

In this video, watch me demonstrate the process of conquering fear by attempting a High impact Adventure activity – Rapelling. This was shot by my colleagues Preetam & Nishant who literally pushed me into doing this after our Team had conducted this activity as a part of a Team Building Workshop for over 130 participants @ Horseley Hills near Bangalore.

Anil Thomas – Secret Formula For Success – Explained

In this video watch me decode the formula for Achieving Excellence and Significant Success. I share the force multiplier that can separate us from the pack and tear

Anil Thomas – Three Vital Ingredients For Extraordinary Success

There are 3 core elements in terms of attributes that I have seen in extra ordinary Leaders and success stories.With the help of a VENN diagram I have tried to simplify why all these 3 are vital to our Leadership & Personal success.


Anil Thomas – Business & Life Lessons from White Water Rafting

In a trip to Uttarakhand for one of the Leadership Development Programs, I was tempted to shoot the video on the banks of Ganges. Rivers are a powerful metaphor of getting into flow and tapping into the flow. In this video I share some Business and Life lessons for Leaders & individuals from the white water rafting activity.

Anil Thomas – FastTrack Masterclass

FastTrack Master class is my signature event for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners. This is a clip from one of the live sessions where I bust the myth about strengths & weaknesses. It is a powerful idea that can radically improve our Personal & Leadership Effectiveness. Learn the secret of Achieving far more with far less.

Being Authentic – The Key To Your Success

In this Video from my Signature Program for Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders-Fast track Masterclass,I share the 2nd common attribute found in High Achievers i.e Authenticity. Through the language of DISC I explain how we can raise our Awareness about our Core Talents & be more Authentic. We can also truly tap into our flow and collaborate with People/Team members who are different from us and build Dream Teams &  develop better Inter-Personal Relationships.

Academics VS Entrepreneurship

It seems that our formal Education system is broken, I say this because the winning formula that caused us to be successful in Academics is actually the losing formula in Entrepreneurship. No wonder most of the extra-ordinary successful Entrepreneurs are college dropouts as they did not conform and as a result did not become victims of the Education system. In this video watch me bring out how Entrepreneur Success is very different then Academic Success.

Anil Thomas ~ How To Raise Your Level Of Thinking

It is said that we can  never grow beyond our level of thinking. In this video that was shot in my farm in the early morning I explain some key ideas & concepts to Raise our level of thinking. High Achievers that I know have this regular ritual that I mention in this video.