Mindset is the lens through which you view the world and process experiences. A limiting mindset is that of pessimism and causes you to see more problems than opportunities. Here I share with you 3 Sure Signs of a limiting Mindset

  1. You are Thinking small and looking for ways to justify your thinking:
    This is a sign of a limiting mindset and prevents people from coming out of their shell and living a life that they truly deserve. I once met a friend who was ridiculing Mr. X, our common Friend. Mr. X brought a house in a posh locality and now pays maintenance outgoings that are more than that my Friend’s current rent. Somewhere I felt that by sharing this data my Friend was feeling good and justified to stay in his current small house in an average locality. This brought me to a realization that when one thinks small he looks for justification to stay small.
  2. You are moving around with people who have a limiting mindset:
    One of the reasons why we have limiting mindset is because of our associations, our friends. It is said that we form the attitudes, and our guiding opinions based on those of our five best friends. So to change that, you need to question your existing friends and associations and you change them intentionally so that you can see and recognize more opportunities and go for it rather than get into a game of watching out for the impending doom.
  3. You feel like a victim:
    When one doesn’t know how to use his mind then the mind becomes the master. One of the most limiting mindsets one can have is that of a victim, here he is at the peak of blaming everything and everyone for where he or she is. And he is focused on the external things to change so that things would change for him. Nothing can be further from the truth, because the truth is when things change in us that’s when things change for us.

One of the biggest leverage you can have in today’s time is having a progressive mindset. If any of the above resonates with you then you need to take charge immediately and start working on gaining a winning mindset. Find a mentor who is living life at a higher level of success than yours and focus on learning and growing . With change there is no other option but to unlearn and learn new ways of being relevant.